Spring into Summer

Just a quick update:

I’m back in New York following several awesome tours.  Europe is always lovely, especially when you’re with the lovely Nina P and band.  And SXSW was a raucous good time as usual.  Glad to be back though, just in time for the 2 weeks (hopefully more) of nice weather before summer sets in.  I’ve been playing a lot of events, so unless you’re getting married or attending a Methodist conference, I probably haven’t seen you.  Let’s change that though!  Check the sidebar or the live shows tab to see where I’ll be and let’s hang out.  Also, keep an eye out for The Defibulators, we’ll be coming to California next month for more fun times!

Touring with Nina Persson

Hey New York, you’re rather snowy this winter!

Whew, just made it back before the latest blizzard.  It’s been quite a ride the last month.  First I was in India for 3 weeks, and attended among many other things my cousin’s traditional wedding.  So indescribably colorful!  What an amazing trip, there’s so much to see, three weeks is not nearly enough.  I turned right around after that and went out to Scandinavia for the first leg of an album release tour with the amazing Nina Persson, best known as the singer from The Cardigans and A Camp.  If you haven’t checked out her new album, I highly recommend it.  I’m playing mostly guitar in the band which is an amazing experience/experiment (though luckily I still get to rock out on bass for one song).  So many great vibes, the band and crew and Nina herself are wonderful and we’re having a great time and sounding great as well.  Great great great.  We have a show here in New York on the 19th, then we’re back off to Europe for another 2 weeks of shows.  Just added some limited dates on the east coast in April, hoping for more to come.  Check the sidebar, under the live shows tab, or on Nina’s site for dates, info and updates.  It’s always such a joy to see friends from faraway places, I’d love to see you out there somewhere.

animal heart

New Defibulators Album, Touring, Etc.

Excited to announce that after a super fun release show at Brooklyn Bowl, the newest Defibulators album “Debt’ll Get ‘Em” is out, and it’s already gotten lots of good press.  I’m very proud to have been a part of it, it’s seriously in-your-face awesome.  You can buy it on itunes, through our website, or at a show.  Speaking of which, we have a bunch coming up!  We’ll be hitting the midwest over the next couple weeks, then the west coast in October/November.  Check the website or look under the “shows” tab here for more details, and see if we’ll be droppin’ by your neck of the woods.  See ya out there!

Defibs Album png


Hey folks,

been a while, I know.  How are you?  I wanted to let everybody know that, after many many hours spent recording, mixing, and tinkering, my album “Half Breed” is DONE!  Not only that, it’s available for streaming and digital download for your aural enjoyment.  I had a wonderful time at the release party, and I’m hoping to continue riding the wave for a bit longer.  So head over to the bandcamp site and listen, download, share, like, comment, or whatever your heart desires.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.  Thanks!!


Half Breed Cover

Europe, winter, 2013

Had a great time out in Europe touring Holiday Life with Ravens + Chimes.  5 weeks is a long time, though (especially driving around in the snow).  I’m glad to be back in New York, and excited for the new year’s music and merriment.

The winter has suddenly and fiercely struck here, and I’m holed up this month working in the studio with a bunch of artists, including Rachel Angel, Damon Daunno, Brad Go, the Defibulators and Alex & Janel.  Also the record of my songs I’ve been working on for 2(!) years is verrry nearly complete.  So stay tuned for lots of good stuff coming your way!  For now, here’s some photos from the old country.


Ravens return to Euroland

Pleased to announce some of the dates for the upcoming Ravens + Chimes European tour.  We’re exploring  mostly new territory this time, but excited to see some friendly faces on our return to Germany as well.  If you know anyone who’s out there, spread the word!  Man, it’s gonna be cold in Scandinavia!  Hoping for a summer tour next time…

Oh, and we’ll finally have vinyl for sale this time! Yipee!

October Update

Hey all,

Had a great time out on the west coast with the Defibulators.  We visited some old haunts and explored new territory, including the deserts of Nevada!  Back in New York, I’m keeping busy, prepping for Ravens + Chimes return to Europe next month, and finishing my solo record!  Stay tuned for new songs, I’ll be previewing some in the next month or so.   See you soon!

Upcoming Tours

Hello all, just a quick note that I’ll be traipsing about the country a bunch in the next couple months with the one and only Defibulators.  We’ve got some shows in the south, some on the west coast, and one this weekend opening for Little Feat (!).   Check out the gig schedule on the left or take a look at the Defibs website here for more info on where/when we’ll be.  Always great to see familiar faces when traveling the land!

Studio, Studio, Studio

I’m always grateful to have the opportunity to be in the studio.  Luckily that’s happening a lot this month!  Going in Monday to lay down a new track with the defibulators, then Wednesday to work on some new material with Sophie Auster.  And, as always, plugging away on the solo record, I think the end is in sight!  Stay tuned, very excited to share all these projects with you!